Born and raised in The 6, Nakz could not think of a better city to make music in. His love for all genres of music has him spinning hip hop and house along with everything in between in clubs all across Toronto. Travelling south of the border as a guest DJ in Atlanta, Georgia and Kansas City, Missouri has exposed him to different music scenes, contributing to the flexibility and new sounds of his mash ups.

Teaching himself to play the guitar and singing at a young age, Nakz grew up with not only an ear for music, but with an appreciation and a vision for it. With the talent to read and cater to all crowds, his gain is his audiences continued enjoyment and support of his music that allows him to give back to the music community and contribute to the growth of this culture that he loves and thrives in.
 There is nothing you can take away from music. There is only more to give. 
Jesse Nakayama